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Criminal Defense FAQs

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At Skousen & Reedy, PLC, our Mesa criminal defense attorneys are completely aware that you may be concerned, confused, or overwhelmed after a criminal arrest or criminal charge. We make sure to spend all the time and effort that is needed to help you completely understand your rights and be informed of your options as your case moves forward. Read the following FAQs to learn more!

I’ve been arrested. What are my rights?

Knowing your rights can be one of the most crucial ways to strengthen your defense, including before or after an arrest. In addition to your right to remain silent, you have the right to retain legal counsel. These are known as your Miranda Rights, and they protect your Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination and can help you avoid serious repercussions.

What is the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony?

Cases can be prosecuted and tried at different levels, including misdemeanors or felonies. In the most general sense, misdemeanor offenses are lesser charges and result in less harsh penalties. Felonies are typically prosecuted more harshly and can result in more severe penalties.

Will my case go to trial?

Not all cases will go to trial and, typically speaking, cases are handled on a case-by-case basis. In some instances, avoiding trial will be in the best interest of our client. In these cases, we may be able to negotiate a satisfactory outcome with prosecutors on behalf of our clients. In other instances, however, if charges have been filed against you and a verdict cannot be reached by negotiation or before going to trial, then we are confident in our ability to help you navigate the court process.

Do I need to hire a defense attorney?

Regardless of the charges you face, it will be imperative to the final outcome of your case to speak with a defense lawyer as soon as possible. Without understanding your rights or options, you could be jeopardizing your future and your freedom. To avoid the harshest criminal penalties under the law, we encourage you to speak with our team immediately.

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If you have more questions regarding your case and the charges you face, do not wait another moment to speak with us. We at Skousen & Reedy, PLC have more than 30 years of successful results obtained for our clients, and we look forward to helping you too. Contact our offices as soon as possible to begin discussing your case confidentially.

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Reviews from
Satisfied Clients

  • Amazing Defense Attorney Who Cares About Giving You A Fighting Chance, Not To Mention A Stellar Track Record

    “I hired Mr. Reedy on the recommendation from a friend for a case of mine involving felony and misdemeanor charges in two different courts. He made himself available almost immediately despite a recent injury while on vacation and dove into my case right away. He understood the financial situation my family and I were in and worked with us on a price that included every bit of work he would put in on my case. At first the price seemed a little above what I thought was fair and more than I thought he really needed for my fairly basic case. This couldn't have been further from the truth - Kyle put in a more than admirable amount of work into my case and even worked with me further and showed much patience when my scheduled payments became hard to come up with at times. From the first meeting Kyle expressed a drive to fight for me on charges he felt were unfair and was ready to defend me if the prosecution did not agree. He arranged a plea deal on some of my more serious charges that went past the originally offered deal and actually required work on his part, something I have seen attorneys in the past use as an excuse for them not to work. In addition to this he took my DUI charge all the way to a jury trial something that we both had difficulty believing the prosecutors felt necessary. Also he understood all the effects that DUIs have on people and was able to help me keep my license while awaiting trial. The trial finally happened close to nine months after the arrest and lasted three days. I'll never forget that first meeting with Kyle when he told me the reasoning he wanted to fight my DUI, this became our defense in the trial, and the reason I was found not guilty. The entire time I worked with Kyle he was always able to be reached by myself or my family and showed that he really cared about myself and all his clients. His legal aid also proved very good as she handled all payments to Kyle and made sure I was kept up with all news for my case, and never missed an appearance. It seems regular that other attorneys underestimate Kyle because of his age but just talking to one of his clients is all you need to hear of his amazing legal acumen and great skills with people. I would recommend him to anyone.”


  • Not Guilty Verdict

    “When considering several attorneys for my case, Mr. Reedy presented himself as aggressive yet mild mannered and willing to try and resolve my case without trial. Having to go to trial in Mesa, Mr. Reedy treated me with respect and my case with the attention it deserved. During my trial, Mr. Reedy’s knowledge about the law and ability to make our case as well as dispute theirs. won us a not guilty verdict.”


  • Great Attorney that will fight for you!

    “I first contacted Kyle about a charge against me that was both childish and overblown. He couldn't believe the charge was even brought upon me and he assured me that we could get it taken care of without any damage to my driving record or my reputation. I relied on Kyle and he delivered. My charge was ultimately dropped after being badgered by the prosecution attorney beforehand, and I couldn't be more happy with it. Kyle stood up for me, kept me feeling calm and assured me throughout that he would see things were put right. Its hard to find professionals let alone attorneys who stand by their word and who aren't just out for money, but Kyle is definitely someone who keeps his word and truly stands behind you. I have a long career ahead of me and I know if I ever need anything dealt with in a legal manor Kyle and his team are and always will be my first choice. Don't waste your time anywhere else, Kyle and his team are top notch and you wont find any better, I assure you.”


Over 30 Years of Impressive Results

  • Dismissed at Trial Aggravated Assault, Maricopa County Superior Court
  • Not Guilty at Trial Assault, DV, Mesa City Court
  • Dismissed after Motion to Suppress DUI, Chandler City Court
  • Not Guilty at Trial DUI, Mesa City Court
  • Charge Reduced to Reckless Driving DUI, Scottsdale City Court
  • Misdemeanor Plea Possession of Marijuana for Sale, Maricopa County Superior Court
  • Not Guilty at Trial Super Extreme DUI, Phoenix City Court

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