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You've Been Charged with a DUI: Now What?
You've Been Charged with a DUI: Now What?

Facing a DUI charge can be daunting, especially if you aren’t sure what you should do next in order to protect your future. The best thing to do is to keep calm, learn the facts, and develop a simple plan. At Skousen & Reedy, PLC, we want you to be prepared if you should ...

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Blog posts in Criminal Defense

  • What is a Grand Jury?

    A Grand Jury consists of 12-16 people who have been summoned to meet two days a week for four months. They hear cases presented by the County ...

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  • What is an IA?

    An Initial Appearance is the first time a Defendant goes before a judge. If the person is in custody, an Initial Appearance must be held within 24 ...

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  • My Case Has Been Scratched- What Does that Mean?

    “Scratched” is not a legal term; however, it is used by the Courts to describe when a charge has not been filed by the County Attorney’s Office. After ...

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  • What to Do When Stopped by the Police

    If you are stopped by the police for DUI for any other criminal offense you should: Request to call your attorney. Do not consent to any search of ...

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  • How to Post Bond

    When someone has been arrested for a crime in Maricopa County, law enforcement may take them for booking to the 4 th Avenue Jail in downtown Phoenix. ...

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  • Arizona's Zero-Tolerance Policy-Medical Marijuana

    If you have a valid medical marijuana card and are pulled over, you may end up being charged with DUI because of Arizona’s zero-tolerance policy when ...

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  • Scottsdale Crime Lab

    When arrested for a DUI by the Scottsdale Police Department, officers usually opt to draw a person’s blood to determine the blood alcohol content ...

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